Are You A Candidate For Fillings?

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  • Repair existing decay
  • Restore your tooth strength
  • Boost your smile confidence
  • Correct tooth chips and cracks
  • Minimize tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

We’re all vulnerable to cavities, but they’re largely preventable with a dedicated at-home routine that includes brushing twice and flossing once daily.

What causes cavities?

The foods we eat mix with mouth bacteria and the result is a chemical reaction that produces acid. Left to sit on teeth, this acid can damage enamel and cause the tooth to decay to the point that a small hole will form in its enamel surface. As this hole grows, infection and ongoing decay can weaken it, leading to pain and even potential tooth loss.

Along with decay attacking the top areas of teeth, here are additional areas that are vulnerable:

  1. The roots. Along with gum disease, aggressive brushing can lead to gum recession, wherein the roots of teeth are exposed. This makes them susceptible to acid attacks, and because root structure is softer than enamel, cavities can form more rapidly.
  2. Teeth with existing fillings. When a tooth that has had a filling in the past, it can be vulnerable to additional decay around its edges. Broken edges can also allow bacteria to seep underneath it and cause decay to reoccur.

Your best defence against cavities? Diligent home care and bi-annual visits your dentist in Nanaimo for checkups and cleanings. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll be happy to assess your oral health and talk about options that will have you smiling!