Are You A Candidate For Fluoride Treatments?

Introduced as a public health measure in the 1940s, fluoride has proven to be an effective cavity fighter for decades. Added to the water supply of most town and cities, this naturally-occurring mineral is ingested in microscopic amounts and countless studies show that it yields great benefits for your teeth.

So How Does Fluoride Work? It Helps Prevent Cavities In Two Ways:

  1. In infants, it hardens enamel before teeth grow in.
  2. In adults, it hardens enamel on teeth that have already grown.

How Do You Know You’re Getting Enough?

If your drinking waster is fluorinated (which is the case for most parts of North America), brushing your teeth fluoride toothpaste will provide adequate protection to your teeth. Conversely, if you drink well water or have a water system without enough fluoride (about one part per million), talk to us about whether daily fluoride tablets or drops are right for you.

How Can Your Smile Benefit From Fluorinated Toothpaste?

The diet you consume creates acid-producing bacteria that live on your teeth. When left to multiply, this bacteria strips away enamel, calcium, and phosphate from your teeth. One way to minimize this occurrence is by ensuring that your saliva production is high, and that you’re drinking water often, as it helps wash away some of this bacteria.

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  • Prevent cavities
  • Slow the growth of tooth decay
  • Minimize your need for complex dental treatments
  • Help prevent gum disease

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