Root Canal Therapy Preserves Your Beautiful Smile

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Before you read any further, let’s get something out of the way. Root canal therapy – an amazing dental technique that repairs and saves teeth – gets a bad rap.

Despite its proven success, amazing outcome, and modern-day technique, we still hear patients ask when treatment is completed, “Wow, is that it?!” This is because the pain associated with root canal treatment is usually that which occurred pre-treatment – not from the treatment itself.

At Terminal Park Dental Clinic, our team has performed hundreds of root canal treatments. You can feel confident putting your trust in us.

Why are root canal treatments necessary?

Most people don’t think of teeth as living tissue, but they actually are! Each tooth contains channels (root canals) that extend from the crown (the protective covering) to the roots. They house nerves and blood vessels that transport vital nutrition your tooth requires to stay healthy.

When teeth become infected, badly decayed, or damaged due to an injury or blow, root canal treatment may be required to eliminate the risk of swelling, abscess, or the spread of infection.

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With our knowledge, skills, and technology we can remove the infected pulp, clean and fill the empty channel, and save the tooth. The treated tooth functions normally, although a crown is usually required to protect the damaged tooth from fracture or improve the aesthetics should the tooth discolour after treatment.

After your first appointment, you’ll experience the wonderful relief that root canal treatment provides, and take great comfort knowing you will never experience pain in that tooth again.

After your treatment, we’ll help you keep your regular checkups, so that we can proactively detect concerns early on, saving you time, effort, money … and your beautiful smile!

If you’re experiencing pain in your tooth, call us  immediately at Terminal Park Dental Clinic your dentist in Nanaimo. We want to do everything possible to save your tooth, with minimally invasive techniques and warm, friendly, compassionate care.

Yours in excellent dental health,
Drs. Savoie & Gill, your dentists in Nanaimo

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